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Brand Strategy

We start the process with setting the foundations for your brand. This lets me understand who you are and how to showcase your personality in your brand, find the ins and outs of your target audience and how to attract them and finally let you stand out from competition!

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Brand story
Brand goals & values
Brand personality
Brand positioning
Target audience
Competitor analysis
2 x concept mood boards

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Brand Design

Time to turn strategy into design and make your brand truly feel yours. Design and strategy, seamlessly working in one plan, to complete your brand identity.

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Brand strategy
Logo (including primary, secondary, brandmark and favicon)
Colour palette
Brand Pattern & illustrations
Brand guidelines

Website Design

Need a platform that is truly yours? Bring your brand to the next level with your own website!

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Wireframes in Figma
Website development in Webflow, Squarespace, Shopify and more
Basic SEO optimization

Price dependent on pages

Kami Alicja photography in manchester city center

Custom Font

You've invested in custom branding, websites, and packaging. Now, why not take it a step further with a custom typeface, everlasting font tailored just for you

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Capital A-Z
Lowercase A-Z

Custom font / Custom typeface

Packaging Design

Do you have a product that needs to stand out from the crowd whether it is on shelves or online, we got you!

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Brand strategy
Brand design
Packaging design exploration

Kami Alicja photography in manchester city center

Tight budget?

I know making the right choices for your brand is essential. Sometimes building a business is all about keeping costs down. That’s why I’ve developed this compact, foundational package that can help you along the way. 

Brand in a day

A package made to fit within 8 hours. We’ll spend the day working together to create a strategy and design for your brand.

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Aim to Includes:

Simple brand strategy
Brand design

Features & awards

Featured in snazz magazine
Certificate for brand mapping strategist | certified brand strategist

Google UX Design Certificate

The process


We’ll get to know each other and the project, and i will provide you with a quote. Once accepted, you'll get the welcome packet with the contract and invoice. The project will begin when the deposit is paid.

Your foundation

We’ll get to the bottom of what your business is really about. We’ll discover the kind of image you want to portray and exactly what you’re offering. This lays out the bedrock for your brand.

Your Strategy

Now the research starts. We will work together to find out where your gap in the market is and how you can fill it. We’ll hone down your target audience and focus on what makes them tick.

Your Brand

This is where it all comes together. I’ll take every element of what we’ve discussed and customise it to work for you. Design and strategy, seamlessly working in one plan, to complete your brand identity.

Client love

"Before I started working with Kami, I really didn't understand who I was truly speaking to. So she helped me go in and really create a wonderful buyer persona so that I can get in the buyer's head and really understand what they needed, what they wanted, so that I could position my offer and position myself to serve that... Kami helped me with my typography, my logo, how my brand looked and how it presented itself, which is really, really important because I wanted to make sure that it was aligned with my messaging, who I was and how I wanted to serve. I highly recommend her. She's so sweet and she's absolutely incredible at what she does."

Dreem - Silas wrote it

Client love

"The whole thing was so smooth, like we met twice. She really actually listened to what I was looking for and what I wanted. And it was so easy on my part .... And then she did everything for me and my branding came out exactly how I wanted. So if you need a brand strategist or a branding person, go to Kami. She is going to take care of you. Your branding is going to look amazing ... Thank you"

Kellyann - Digital Grace